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We Manufacture Many Types Of Signs!

From consultation to installation and permitting, the sign experts at The Graphic Garage can assist you with determining the most appropriate sign to match your company's needs and requirements. Upon analysis of your unique requirements we help you to determine the sign that's right for your business location. Our on-site graphic artist will develop a scaled art proof of your sign as it will look installed at your location prior to manufacturing – to ensure your sign is everything you need it to be. Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary look, using standard materials or something unique we bring your creative vision to life.

Carved or Sandblasted Signs are made from High Density Urethane Foam or HDU. Intended specifically to replace the use of redwood in sign manufacturing, HDU foam is a flexible, durable material that's more dense than most other types of foam and can be made to look dimensional just like redwood signs. HDU material comes in 1.5", 2", 3" or 4" finished dimension. Because HDU is a synthetic material, sandblasting each piece produces a predictable result every time. In addition, an HDU sign will not warp, crack or bow like a solid wood sign can when exposed to the elements. Because it is lighter than wood, installation is simplified and shipping, in most cases is lower. The HDU sign panels can be seamlessly laminated together to create any size shape or form you need for your business or promotion.

Monument Signs are ground-mounted, low-profile, architectural signs which come in virtually any shape or size. They are custom-formed from a wide variety of materials to create a memorable, eye-catching, and effective sign with a decorative brick, aluminum, or stone base. Often a necessity when your location is set back from the road, Monument signs add a sculptural ambiance of their environment by incorporating the colors and textures of their surroundings including the architectural characteristics of the buildings they represent. Monument signs are generally illuminated by ground or landscape lighting as opposed to pylons which are internally illuminated. Monument Signs make a very professional statement and lasting impression.

Dimensional Signs are durable, permanent dimensional letters and logos that capture attention from blocks away. Manufactured from a variety of materials and finishes, dimensional signs add an unmatched level of style and sophistication! Manufactured from a variety of materials including foam, acrylic, wood and aluminum, dimensional signs can be combined with other sign materials to to create a fully customized and unique image for your business. Combined with internal or external lighting, dimensional lettering can be used as the main building identification sign to attract attention to your brand, day or night! Likewise, acrylics, brushed metals, decorative fasteners, LED lighting and more can be combined to create a one of kind display that adds a professional touch for any interior space.

Post & Panel Signs are perfect for site identification, way-finding and directional signage applications. Available in a wide variety of configurations, including double post, flag, ceiling, and wall mount, we have a post and panel model to fit every situation. Post and panel sign systems offer, brilliant colors, decorative post shapes, designer post caps, word-bars, and custom shaped panels, frames and toppers.

Home and Farm Signs The folks at the Graphic Garage have designed and created signs for many different environments, from wilderness cabins to large estates. Used outdoors or indoors, Western Red Cedar is naturally resistant to decay and inherently durable. Your sign is likely to become a treasured family heirloom to be handed down through generations. Whether you prefer a 2D or 3D sign look we’re proud to offer customized high quality signs for your home, farm ranch, or business in all shapes and sizes. Manufactured from MDO (Medium Density Overlay), PVC or Natural Wood sign panels these signs are highly durable and weather resistant - making any personalized sign you choose suitable for indoor décor or outdoor application.

Channel Letters consist of custom-fabricated aluminum or injection molded polymer, dimensional “can” or lettering, and durable plastic or aluminum facing. These custom signs are internally illuminated with either neon or low-voltage LED's. Each channel letter has an individual structure and separate illumination, resulting in a professional and highly visible presentation. Channel letter signs project a very professional image and an effective component of a national brand building program. Did you know your existing Channel Letter (Neon) Sign can be converted to an LED sign for additional energy savings. Give us a call to learn more.

Cabinet Signs are “box” type, aluminum extrusion sign frames with plastic, vinyl or routed aluminum faces internally lit by highly efficient fluorescent lighting. Cabinet, Box, Lighted or Illuminated Sign – no matter what you call them – the economical and durable design of the Cabinet Sign make them an ideal choice in illuminated outdoor signs for any size business. Let potential customers know your “Open for Business” – 24/7.


Custom Decals & Magnets Die Cut Decals can reach potential customers, reinforce your identity or simply convey a message with style. Used for indoor or outdoor applications our contour cut Custom Decals or stickers are a great way to brand your business. Our contour cut digital lettering system cuts the shape of your graphics or lettering providing a stunning and stylish look. Use marketing opportunities to decorate a Floor, Wall, or Window! Whatever size or quantity you need, we can produce the perfect vinyl decals to fit your measurements as well as your budget.

Flags / Banners Whether large or small, custom banners are one of the most cost-effective ways to highlight your business product, event, or service. For short or long term use, all of our banners have the option to be professionally hemmed with grommets, making them very durable and easy to display – indoors or out, our superior quality vinyl banners are great for business use or special occasions.

Neon Signs provide excellent eye-catching exposure, drawing current and new customers to your business. Going back to the 1920’s nothing shines brighter than custom-formed neon signs. Bring your brand to light – using bright, colorful neon signage. Available in a wide variety of styles, designs and colors, neon signs are great for restaurants, bars and retail stores. Whether indoors or out, custom neon signs will catch every eye.

Vehicle Lettering and Graphics can make the smallest of companies look as substantial as any of its competitors. Convert your travel time to valuable marketing! By far the most cost-effective advertising solution for any business – for a single vehicle or a fleet – you'll make an impact and gain credibility wherever you may travel. Studies show that a typical company vehicle on the road making day to day deliveries and service calls will result in over 10-15 million visual impressions each year. Based on a $500 investment that's a cost of $1.37 per day or $.05 per view. A single investment in vehicle lettering and graphics deliver added exposure on the job or around the neighborhood day and night. That's a lot of advertising!

Logo Design is important to creating a lasting impression. Your logo should be a one-of-a-kind visual identity that expresses your business' unique value or style, instantly recognizable and memorable to new and existing customers. Combining simple, yet powerful design elements, colors, and fonts, we work with you to develop your vision, guiding you through the entire process to create your new brand. Make a lasting impression with a custom logo designed by our expert staff.