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Understanding the Value of a Sign?

Research has shown that by adding proper signage you can increase your business 10-150%! The utilization of commercial signs dates back to the times of ancient Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks. Similar to modern times, both words and pictographs were used to communicate information on these commercial signs. No matter the time period, the materials used, or those utilizing the signage, it has always been crucial that the necessary information be easily recognizable and informative. Today, a sign is necessary to the success of any business and many industries can attribute the success of the business to their signs. A visible, readable sign can make the difference between profit and loss for many small businesses.

The 3 keys that guide in the successful selection and development of commercial properties are visibility, accessibility and parking. An effective on-premise sign is a critical component of visibility, and the sign should receive the same careful attention as other components. Without a properly designed and placed on-premise business sign, a commercial site cannot function at its full economic potential. A business sign should effectively advertise your business or product. It promotes communication with passing pedestrians and motorists. It convinces them to come through your doors and do business with you. Your sign is your voice on the street.

Signage can no longer be an afterthought. Businesses can no longer afford to just "hang up a shingle" or throw up some plywood with painted letters. In order to compete in today's competitive marketplace, you must think of your sign as a sophisticated, powerful marketing tool. It should work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; creating the first impression of your business, telling people who you are, where you are and what you offer.

When compared to other advertising costs such as radio, newspaper, television and direct mail, an on premise sign is inexpensive. For example, the cost per 1,000 views a sign costs only a few pennies for 24- hour-a-day coverage. Moreover, an on-premise sign(s) cultivates cumulative, long-term awareness of a business, stimulating repeat or "brand-loyal" buying of the products and services being offered. For businesses with a limited advertising budget, a sign is an inexpensive method to maximize returns on the dollar.


A business plan should include signage as a major part of the marketing strategy. Because signage is vital to a small business it should be included in any financing package. Your sign is a permanently visible part of your business, and should be considered as an investment. Signs are the most efficient, effective and consistent revenue-generating device for most any small business.

Regardless of size, most businesses, depend heavily on signage to support their branding and create more local awareness. Signs help people find you, attract people who pass your establishment, present an image of your business, and tell potential customers what goods or services you offer. Signs are the primary form of advertising for small business.

Signs are a link between transportation and communication and an effective sign is the most successful way of attracting the attention of passing motorists. It should be large, both in total size and lettering. The message should be clear and concise, identifying your location and type of business. Be specific and grab attention!

Who hasn’t been driving down the street, stopped at a store and made a purchase, merely because they saw the sign? Most merchants see signs as commonplace and take them for granted. Obviously, most small business owners know they need a sign but they think of them as merely a marker identifying the business. As a result they are unaware of the underutilized earning potential of the sign.

Come by and see us, we will help guide you through the complex aspects of finding the right sign for your business.