The Graphic Garage
77 Zion Park Ct
Troy, VA 22974

(434) 589-3432

 Encouraged by a master sign painter in the early eighties, I began hand lettering signs at an early age.  The skills required to be a "sign maker" are highly specialized, including training in many different trades.  The old-timers in the industry, coveted the "secrets" of their trade, only passing along advice to the most motivated or talented young upstarts.  Moreover, because the alphabet was designed by a right-handed person, becoming a sign painter proved even more of a challenge for me as a southpaw.

Hello and welcome to our website.  My name is Mike Chenail.  I am the owner of The Graphic Garage.  At the age of 25, I became paralyzed as a result of a motorcycle accident.  The injury would severely alter the course of my life.  At a time when many people would consider giving up on life, paralyzed and reliant on a wheelchair for their mobility, I was all the more motivated to persevere in life.  Now with more than 36 years of sign making and graphic design and computer design experience behind me, I bring a wealth of talent, and experience other small sign companies do not possess.  While I had gotten away from sign making for a time to concentrate my efforts on my ADA accessibility consulting business, I decided to again hang my slate and open The Graphic Garage in 2012.  We have experienced continual growth since the beginning and expanded from a modest 1200 sq. ft. space to more than 3600 sq. ft.

As an old-school business owner, I stand behind our work and our customers value our personalized customer service.  We pride ourselves on producing quality signage designed to promote YOUR business.  Come by and see us.  We look forward to meeting you!

Mike Chenail, owner, hand painting a sign for a customer.