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Sign Service

In addition to new sign manufacturing and installation, we also service existing on-site signs 
including Channel Letters, Neon Signs, Pylon Signs and Monument Signs. Typical services include face replacements, changing lettering, or repairing electrical components such as light bulbs, neon, transformers, ballasts, etc.

Cost of Service: TWO HOUR MINIMUM – The cost for hourly service will be on the estimate given to client before service call. The cost is for travel time (to & from), inspection of outage and time involved on job site. Any material cost (replacing lamps, wiring, LED’s, power supplies, etc) will be an additional cost added to final invoice after our sign professional completes an assessment.

Onsite Person Of Authority: A person must be on-site at the time of service referred herein as “Site Supervisor” to make instant decisions for your company at the time of service. This person will also be required to “Sign a Service Order” at the completion of the 
sign service.

Secure Premises: Clients in secure facilities must have name tags ready, card keys to the approved sign service locations and must give notice to all security patrols that we will be servicing signs on appropriate days.

Site Requirements: Make sure that the location will have adequate power, light, & water 24 hours before 
service. Larger signs must have access to direct parking at the location of service for work trucks and a crane/lift.

Unforeseen Issues: Servicing signage and electrical into/onto older buildings, brick walls, aluminum siding, concrete block, digging into landscaped areas, etc. all have pitfalls that can normally be rectified on-site. Any materials needed for the service will be discussed with the Site Supervisor in cost will be tallied by the Sign Service Agent.

Delays in Service: Any delay in service will result in additional charges while the issue is resolved.

Common issues are:

  1. The Site Supervisor is not available, and the service person sits and waits for this person to show.
  2. Building/Property is locked/gated and no one has the key to gain access.
  3. Electrical Panel for the sign is not accessible.
  4. Security Patrols halt work while proper clearance is given to installers.